Minimalist Sandals

Too many times do I find myself stood in the big open plan shoe area of Topshop, surrounded by mirrors and lights with the overwhelming feeling that I need to be more adventurous when it comes to my shoe choices. I toy with the idea of patterns, tassels, embellishments and straps that go up to your inner thigh – but it always results in me scaring myself and again, I opt for the minimalist approach. A block colour; minimal pattern and simplistic design. I genuinely used to beat myself up about not stepping *pun intended* out of my comfort zone and not embracing the wacky trends, until yesterday.

Yesterday I sorted out my shoe closet and narrowed my collection down to 30 pairs. Before you judge me, I’m aware 30 might still be too many to constitute as ‘narrowing down’ but I don’t care. And I’m a shoe hoarder. And I got rid of two pairs so at least it isn’t 32 pairs.

During this it became so apparent that I’m a creature of habit with my minimalist shoes (in the main) and I never gravitate towards my more embellished shoes – perhaps because I love a patterned outfit and I’m still learning how to clash my patterns and make it look intentional, and not like I got dressed in the dark. And then it clicked – it doesn’t matter that I’m minimal-obsessed because I get so much use out of my shoes. There isn’t a pair I haven’t worn and with emphasis on my sandal collection, they’re all so plain yet complete every look they go with.

So that being said, I thought id pull together my favourite minimalist sandals on the big wide web at the moment to demonstrate minimalism can be best if versatility is your priority…

Next crossover Mule


Katie x

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