What I ACTUALLY wore on Holiday

Back in April I had the most beautiful vaycay in the Dominican Republic and had a super relaxing time. From the weather to the beach, everything was perfect and it was exactly what we needed after a few stressful months. However, me being me, took my whole wardrobe with me to cater for every eventuality possible – just in case it started snowing or we got invited to a wedding whilst away – you’ve got to be prepared. And as always, I didn’t wear half of it because it was 30 degrees and I just lived in my swimsuit and sandals for 10 days straight.

Anyway, lessons have been learnt for the time being, kinda. I thought I’d pull together my most worn and most valued items which were my saviours whilst away to throw some inspiration in the way of people currently holiday planning.

I pretty much swapped between two pairs of shoes whilst away, in the day I opted for my Birkenstocks and my new Topshop platform sandals. Birkenstocks by day and my new platform sandals by night. You wont ever find me without my Birks if the weather rises above 10 degrees and I will literally rave about them until I’m blue in the face but honestly – they’re worth the price. They mould to your feet, stay fresh as the day you get them and go with any outfit. I’m currently the owner of a double strapped white pair but I’m already thinking about investing in a black pair to extend my ever-growing shoe-drobe. Onto the evening I swapped by Birks out for my new purchase – the Topshop Black Sandals which I even lusted over in my Spring Wishlist. What a great investment these have been, they’re comfy, sleek and give me total 90s vibes with the platform. I paired them with anything from jeans to dresses and I can already tell they’re going to be a summer staple.

For the swimwear options I actually owe one to the budget swimwear companies for making me feel super confident on holiday. I ordered a few bikinis to take away with me but ended up wearing these two the most – the Red Spaghetti Strap Bikini from Zaful and the Cobalt Swimsuit from BooHoo. Both were super comfy, good quality, cheeky enough whilst being covered up and rocked a tan. I was nervous ordering from Zaful as it’s got mixed reviews to say the least but I couldn’t deny myself of the amazing prices and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It took three weeks to arrive *eye-roll* but it’s perfect and I would of happily paid over £40 for it at a normal shop – I think I might have got a lucky order as I believe the quality does vary but speaking from my own experience only – it’s a winner. The blue number from BooHoo is a must-have to again bring the 90s feel to the party. With a scoop back, high leg and vibrant blue – I loved every bit of it.

Onto cosmetics, I took my usual skincare routine with me and minimal makeup because I usually break-out anyway on holiday so there’s no point adding to it by clogging up my pores with a foundation and sun cream cocktail. The only two items which I valued on holiday was the NYX Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara – this was great for maintaining a semi-decent face whilst swimming. My eyelashes are mirco and blonde so I might as well not have any – using this just made me look a little more alive but didn’t run and blot all over my face. I wouldn’t say it was waterproof to the point of not coming off at all, but it came off slowly and in ‘chunks’ which I just wiped away and left no residue. Another saviour was the Hawaiian Tropic After-Sun Body Butter – we cleaned off 200ml in the 10 days easily by lathering our bodies in this every evening. Its a beautiful formula which isn’t greasy, is super moisturising and smells heavenly. I burnt really bad on the third day and this baby sorted my little lobster body right out. Also – it’s a super steal at only £5.00!

My three outfit picks were definitely my Topshop MOTO Boyfriend shorts; my recent purchase from ASOS, a green maxi dress and my Mango Puffed Sleeve Top. The shorts can only be described as the shorts you’ve always been looking for – they’re the perfect jean wash; the best length and enough room in them yet are cheeky enough to not look too granny-like. I bought these nearly two years ago but here are a similar style for yas. The dress is something I’ve been searching for years to find. Being fairly short I’ve always struggled with maxi dresses but this year I decided to embrace this fear – starting with this green beauty i’d say I’m a covert. It made me feel so tall and went perfectly with my little gold heels and a tan (burn). The back is to-die-for and its the perfect plunge to be able to get away with going braless (am I the only one who literally doesn’t wear a bra for the duration of a holiday?!). Ps – its on sale too! This Mango top was my favourite look from the whole week – completely impractical as I have never been so hot in my life BUT I love how this looks with some jeans and heels. It’s such as statement top but is so easily casual too and I’d recommend it to anyone if you can get passed the relentless jokes from your partner – “I didn’t realise it was wear your bedsheet to the bar night” was his personal favourite.

Looking back – I took way too much but oh well, when you have 25kg to yourself why the hell not use it.

Katie x

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