Who says you can’t dress like Cher in 2018?

Recently, Who What Wear wrote a fantastic article highlighting how many of Cher’s looks have been recycled time and time again by recent celebrities to pull off daring looks and styles. Being honest, they’re just mimicking what the Goddess of Pop first styled nearly 5 decades ago and I’m all for it. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll lust over anything Cher wore, in addition to many icons of the era and if it’s embellished – I’m game.

From Cher’s risqué barely-there pieces to Peggy Liptons girl-next-door style to Bianca Jagger’s power suit , the 70s just calls out to me to as the most diverse of all decades for daring fashion whist still screaming femininity and power. I think it’s quite clear that styles go on ‘swings and roundabouts’ and truly speaking, whilst preparing for this blog post I found myself lusting over these looks yet them being curated 20 years before I was born. Not only do I admire 70s fashions but I see it everywhere. From high-street to designer, most of these looks are mimicked daily by the likes of Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, Alexa Chung and multiple influencers – below is a breakdown of how you can modern-day style a 70s look.

The Power Suit

When I think of the power suit, Bianca Jagger springs into my mind. The Queen of looking powerful and chic all at the same time who, despite looking glamorous, managed to ooze an air of effortless style too – as if she’d thrown it on. This is a look which has bombarded into our shops in recent months, in 2018 we’re pairing them with chunky trainers and t-shirts but it all takes inspiration from the power-women of the 70s. This look is so easy to pull off and you can find these pieces for a really affordable price – if you don’t feel like your shape goes with a power suit, just opting for one of the trousers or blazer can maximise the impact of androgynous dressing.

BJ 2
Jagger, contrasting a black statement top with her signature suit.
Megan Ellaby – Our modern day equivalent to the Bianca Jagger, the ME + EM suit is such a statement and so elegant

2018 has also seen the craze behind the pastel suit too… oh wait, Cher did it first.

Cher - Pastel Suit
This blue wrap waist suit is what dreams are made of. Styled with a classic, bright woven bag and her statement jewelry.
If you don’t already follow @thedevilswearzara on Instagram – get to it. The way they pair the pastel suit, bringing in aspects of patterns is total Cher vibes. Loving mixing in a graphic tee for good measure.

The Co-Ord

Before I started this post, I genuinely thought Co-Ords where of modern influence and a product of the ‘fast fashion’ age. Once scouring Pinterest in hope of some inspiration it became so clear that this is a style which has been re-invented time and time again. Now, if anyone was to spring to mind when I think of the perfect embellished co-ord, it’d be Cher in Studio 54 donning this beautiful floral crop top and maxi skirt. It highlights her amazing figure perfectly and allows her skin tone to glow – if I could buy this right now, I would (would it suit me? Probably not).

No introduction needed – Cher in sparkles and fringe


Not so glamorous but edgy as ever, Bella Hadid makes anything look cool, even if it is crochet

The Cami Dress

I am a firm believer that the Cami dress can suit everyone and be worn to any occasion and create both an effortless, relaxed and sophisticated feels. It’s the poster-outfit for leaving it to the imagination and doesn’t hug your curves like most other dresses. Cami dresses have been thrown into our summer wish-lists recently and the likes of Zara and Topshop are pumping them out like crazy in preparation for your summer days out. I find paired with a minimalist sandal, a basket bag and some big sunglasses – the Cami dress shines. That being said, back in the 70s too, they were no stranger to this key piece…

Spring & Summer Collection 1979. {#JerryHall}
Jerry Hall – pairing the Cami dress with minimalist jewellery, Hollywood curls and glowing skin
Emily Shak beaming in her yellow Topshop Cami – contrasting with a black statement bag and shoes – perfection.

The list could go on forever on how the 70s has inspired our clothing choices nearly 50 years later and we should continue to take inspirations from the icons that are Cher, Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger, Peggy Lipton, Jerry Hall…

Here are a few modern day reincarnations of 70s styles which you can get your hands on to let your inner Cher shine:

Zara: Jacket £69.99 / Trousers £39.99
Mango: Jacket £39.99
Bershka: Bodysuit £12.99
Missguded Peace & Love: Top £50.00 / Skirt £100.00
One Above Another: Trousers £30.00 / Top £20.00
And Other Stories: Cami £49.99
Mango: Cami £29.99

Katie x


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