Keeping your Hands Happy

I was not gifted in the hand department, not in the sense that they’re funny looking or anything but in terms of their health. They crack, they peel, they hurt – and in addition to genetics, it’s not helped that I was a nail-biter for the first 15 years of my life, meaning my cuticle skin is very weak. In Winter particularly, my hands crack so bad they can bleed and be so sore, I struggle with my thumbs the most. My boyfriend too, has hands so dry they feel like sandpaper all due to his work environment. He works in a dusty and chemical environment which shreds his hands and leaves them red raw. Aren’t we just the most delightful couple?

So I ventured to LUSH to find us a proper hand-care routine which would salvage our crumbling hands. We’ve been using this routine for a month or so and the results are outstanding. My hands personally are so smooth and crack-free its almost like witchcraft.

What drew me to LUSH was their passion for their products and the clear respect for handmade goods. I love that you can buy two creams which are the ‘same’ and they both look slightly different in colour or smell slightly different – because they have been handmade by different people who have the flexibility to experiment within their means. I love also that they take time in the shop with you to diagnose your issue and devote how ever long it takes to finding you a solution. I’m not normally one for anything over-perfumed and (controversially) I cant stand bath bombs – I don’t have time to scrub the bath clean after its been dyed purple form the bomb and days later I’m still finding rose petals and glitter in my hair. Having said that, LUSH’s skincare range is to-die-for and for anyone else struggling with their hands – here’s what they recommended for us:

#1 – Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

I start by lathering a very generous amount of the scrub to my palms and massaging it in slowly. Slowly is the key as the scrub is very coarse due to the rock salt and will irritate your hands and potentially hurt if you have sore hands like Ross. As you massage slowly, the salt will start to dissolve. Another thing I love about LUSH is that there are no strict rules – just massage away until you’re done, there isn’t a time limit. I like to massage until it’s nearly becoming smooth and becoming a lather – I feel like giving it a concentrated 5 minute rub, the coconut oil can start to deeply hydrate your hands whilst you’re also exfoliating into the nitty-gritty cracks in your hands.

2018-04-25 23:21:00.744-1

#2 – Oaty Creamy Dreamy Shower Cream

This doesn’t come under the hand-care range because it’s actually used as a shower cream. I was sceptical when the shop assistant suggested it but was completely won over once she advised you mix this in your hands WITH the scrub to create a cream. This cream is the softest and most nourishing concoction, the soothing nature of both rose water and chamomile will really sooth your hands after the deep scrub you’ve just applied. Mix this in and around everywhere for a good few minutes and you’ll genuinely feel like your hands have just had a two hour spa treatment.

2018-04-25 23:21:04.288

#3 – Handy Gurugu Hand Cream

This is the only hand cream I have ever used which gives you moisture for hours without a greasy and slimy feel. It melts into your hands like butter and a little goes a LONG way. Ross probably prefers this even more than I do because it gives him the deep hydration that his hands need following a work shift which will leave him feeling dry. It doesn’t need to be used as part of a routine either – the cream can be applied at anytime to smack you with a hit of moisture. The chamomile blue oil will act as an antiseptic for the sore areas of his hands which are cracked so its perfect for him. I do like the cream but my only criticism is the consistency. We originally bought one tub of this to share but after realising we both wanted to take it out and about we purchased another. Don’t get me wrong, as I said earlier, I love that the creams are so clearly handmade because of the differences within the products buuuuut… with this cream one of us has a really thick, balm like consistency and the other a runny one, not too dissimilar to the shower cream. I personally love the runny one and Ross loves the thick one so its problem solved but if you’re going to buy, I’d recommend checking the consistency to see if it’s your cup of tea.

2018-04-25 23:20:57.354-1

#4 – Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

Confession time – I didn’t actually purchase this as I’m still running on the mini tester they gave me for free. It is beautiful. Honestly, the smell is heavenly and smells of pure lemon which I love (but I get that this can be quite overpowering). It’s so nourishing and melts into your cuticles literally like butter – for the girls and boys out there who want soft and pretty cuticles – this is your product. Hence why Ross isn’t a huge fan because I doubt he even knows what his cuticles are but I LOVE IT – and so does everyone else who tries it from my pot.

2018-04-25 23:21:07.625-1

So yeah, these are the products that are currently keeping my hand supple, nourished and gleaming – for not too high of a price either!

Katie x

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