Hand luggage weighing you down?

When it comes to packing hand luggage I feel like I’m constantly in a catch 22 – pack to little and be unprepared for your flight or pack to much and lug a 10 stone bag around the lounge wondering why you packed 6 books and a laptop for your 2 hour flight. I’m usually always the latter and take everything under the sun with me which I justify by saying I’m ‘prepared’- in fact I’m last minute freaking out that I’ll be bored and that I NEED that face mask in there just in case the opportunity arises.

However, I’m going to change and I’m metaphorically putting my foot down. I’m going to start taking ONLY what I need and hopefully arrive in the Caribbean without a crooked back from carrying my bag. Going away is looming so I’ve started to pull together what I’m going to take tonight and I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this minimalism thing – or so I think.


Mini Micellar Water & Cotton Pads: Wearing make-up on long haul flights can really clog up your pores so I really like to do a quick cleanse throughout the flight – I have a mini micellar water from Elemis which is perfect for travel and slip some cotton pads in there too for application. I’m taking these in replace of the Nip&Fab Cleansing pads I normally take – I was a little last minute dot com and forgot to get these – oops.

Moisturiser: Planes can also become super drying and even though I have oily skin I really suffer with getting dry and puffy on flights. I think any light moisturiser will do the trick but I’m going to take my Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream as it’s so light and melts into the skin instantly.

Antiseptic Hand Gel: Planes = GERM FEST. I know that if I don’t pack some antiseptic hand gel I’ll end up sat next to someone with the flu and regret everything. Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand WashAesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is mine of choice, it smells great; sinks into the skin and is super clean.

Concealer: I’m not taking my make-up bag like usual but I’m not going to deny myself of a little concealer. Just to spot treat any unwanted blemishes – I’m not sacrificing this one.



Camera: I love to document everything so my camera is a must. Annoyingly, the case is huge and bulky but I’m not prepared to take any chances – my camera is my baby.

Phone & Headphones: Music is the only way I can make it through a flight and come off at the other end sane. In-flight entertainment is fun for about an hour and then I get bored and revert back to my playlists.

Phone Charger: Most long-haul flights will have a charging port by your seat so its always useful to take a charger. I loose sooo much battery between taking pictures and looking at music and are usually down to 2% within the first few hours.



Extra Socks: When I travel I always wear trainers if it’s long haul but hate having cold ankles (or cold anything – I’m always cold) so, fluffy socks are a must. My upcoming flight is 10 hours so a big pair of fluffy socks has already been packed, grey of course to go with the outfit, not really sure why I’m trying to make them look stylish but there you go.

Eye Mask: I’m a sleeper. Ross will vouch for the fact that on the way to Australia I slept *quite embarrassingly* for 90% of the flights with 3 complementary blankets over my head and torso looking like dead body – also being woken up by the trolley hitting my head a couple of times as I’d slip into the isle. Not cool. To save the embarrassment for both of us, this time I’m taking an eye mask to block out the light – I think this is my best investment so far.

Earplugs: Control the controllables – you can easily block out that screaming baby/ sneezing man / overbearingly loud snorer or hysterical giggler 10 seats away – all you need is some squishy orange things in your ears.



Sunglasses: I’m taking 3 pairs of sunglasses on holiday with me (shhhh I know that’s slightly excessive but old habits n all). These are a must because once we touch down on that island the sunglasses are going on.



Passport: Not going anywhere without this.

Purse: For those last-minute duty free purchases to weigh down my bag.

Glasses: I need to see.


I’ll use my handbag as this way I can prevent myself from overloading it but I’m pretty sure some other items will sneak themselves into my bag. But, so far though I feel like I’m taking to the (kind of) minimalist life.

Until next time

Katie x

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